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Conditions of Use


The following Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter the “Terms”) apply and cover the use of the online e-shop of “Cento Fashion” ( by any user, in any means of transmission (computer, mobile phone, tablet or any other platform) and in any form of transmission of its content (website, application etc.).

‘CENTO FASHION’ ( is an online store that sells goods (clothing, footwear and clothing accessories) to retail or wholesale customers for purchases made online, legally and duly authorized by the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks (General Secretariat for Consumers, Directorate for Consumer Protection in accordance with applicable legislation. For the services mentioned, ‘CENTO FASHION’ reserves the right to operate via a website, and through any other appropriate means of its choice.

The “CENTO FASHION” and the website name (domain name) are the property of the General Partnership Company under the name "INTZEKOSTA BROS O.E." , located in Aigaleo Attica, on  Iera Odos, no. 251, P.C. 12241, Registration No. 69811303000, TAX ID 998369360, Tax Authority of Egaleo, tel. 211 0123533, e-mail: [email protected], as legally represented. “CENTO FASHION” maintains stores a) in Haidari Attica, on Kerasountos Street, no. 15, P.C. 12461, tel. 211 0199092, 2110123533 (Main Store), b) in Egaleo Attica, on Iera Odos, no. 251, P.C. 12241, tel. 210 5310382, and (c) in Nafplio Argolida, on Argos Street, No. 34, P.C. 21100, tel. 27520 21231.

The use of the website of the online store of “CENTO FASHION” (hereinafter “the company”), and the making of purchases through it as well as its related rights and obligations, are governed by the terms and conditions set out herein and its integral parts and apply to all of its content and its individual pages.

Every visitor/user/member/customer who visits, browses and uses in every way the company's website as well as any services available for use through it, is automatically presumed to have received full knowledge and agrees with the content of the terms of use mentioned below. For this reason, we kindly ask each visitor to carefully read this Regulation.

Our company takes all necessary technical and organizational measures so that the users' data is completely secure and access to them is in accordance with the law. The controllers of the processing of users' data shall be integrated and bound 1. within the framework of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 ‘on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)’ (hereinafter ‘the Regulation’) and 2. by their cooperation and special contract with us, as defined by the consent of use provided by the users. The use and access of users to the “CENTO FASHION” online store constitutes automatic acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions mentioned below. It is therefore recommended that all visitors/users of the company's websites and services should study and make sure that they fully understand the terms of its use. In case a user/visitor/member/customer does not agree with the stated terms of use, they should, on their own responsibility, leave the company's website and refrain in general from any use of its services and content.

Ensuring the privacy of users is our priority. With this reference to the Terms of Use-Privacy Policy, the use and management of the personal data of the visitors/users of the website is explained, in accordance with Law 2472/1997 ("Protection of individuals from the Processing of Personal Data") and its amendments, as well as the Regulation.

Regarding the transactions and the making of purchases through the use of e-commerce methods carried out through this website ( all the conditions arising from Greek and European legislation apply. More specifically, ‘CENTO FASHION’ complies with all the conditions resulting from the Joint Ministerial Decision Z1-496/2000-Government Gazette1545/B/18-12-2000 [‘Distance sales - Comparative advertising - Adaptation of Law 2251/1994 on ‘Consumer protection’ (Government Gazette A\ 191) to the provisions of Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 1997 ‘on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts’ (OJ No L 144, 4/6/1997, p. 19-27) and Directive 97/55/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 October 1997 ‘amending Directive 84/450/EEC on misleading advertising with a view to including comparative advertising’ (OJ No. L 290, 23/10/1997, p. 18-23)”], as well as the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection. In this regard, the company through retains the obligation to provide up-to-date information to prospective customers on the basic and main characteristics of the goods and services available, the cost, transport costs, value added tax when not included in the quoted price, the available quantity, payment methods, delivery and execution methods of the purchase, the period of validity of each offer and the right of withdrawal of consumers.

In order for the operation of and the services offered to have the best performance, it is requested that every visitor/user of the website  is kindly requested to accept the use of Cookie, as it results from these Terms, and is done automatically when visiting the website.

The terms and conditions of use of the company's website, and any amendments thereto, are governed by national and Community law as well as the relevant international treaties. In the event of a conflict arising from a modification of the above legal frameworks, the affected Terms and Conditions of Use will be modified accordingly while the entire text of the terms/conditions shall remain unchanged.

‘CENTO FASHION’ reserves, jointly and in any case, the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of its use without prior notification to its users/visitors. The company is required to provide information on any change or modification of the terms and conditions of use through the electronic renewal of the current version of the terms of use. Visitors/users who continue to use the company's services are automatically deemed to consent to the new terms and conditions of use set by the company. Therefore, it is recommended that users/visitors of the services and the content of the company visit, read and and check, at regular intervals, whether they agree with the terms of use in order to proceed to the corresponding actions.



With absolute respect to the users/visitors/customers of the Company's online store, all necessary information regarding the professional identity of “CENTO FASHION” as well as the goods/services offered, as displayed in the online store, is assured that they are complete, true, valid and up-to-date. The reservation of accidental technical or typographical errors which are impossible to predict or which may arise unintentionally or due to technical weaknesses or due to an error in the operation of the website or due to force majeure is maintained. The universal and continuous updating of visitors/users/customers of is a priority and therefore all necessary steps are taken to immediately inform about the availability of the goods. However, it is possible that the relevant online update of the website appear within one (1) day of their modification.


By entering the user/visitor into the environment, a personal user account is provided. To complete the creation of the personal member account on the company's website, the user will have to register a Personal Secret Security Code (password) and a Username which he/she will select and know only himself/herself. The username and password will be used by the user to enter the services of “CENTO FASHION” and will provide access to the data he/she has entered, such as the email address or previous orders. The Personal Secret Security Code can be changed as often as the user wishes, following registration of a request to the company. Exclusive access to the personal information of the personal member account page (user-user account profile) of the user is held by the user himself/herself and for this reason he/she becomes solely responsible for any use, change in account details and data as well as for any action taken through it in general. In case of doubt about the security of the personal account, i.e. in case of password loss, unauthorized use or in any other case of security breach of the account, it is recommended that the user immediately informs "CENTO FASHION" to carry out the necessary security check and prevent any possible security breach.

It becomes clear that the user-member of the company's website retains sole responsibility for the use of his/her account, i.e. entry (log-in) and exit (log-out) from it. In the event that any loss or damage occurs to the user due to his/her negligence to comply with this Regulation, “CENTO FASHION” and the website bear no responsibility.


In order to register on the company's website, the user / visitor must comply with certain conditions. More specifically, each person who subscribes as a new member of the services of certifies that the required data and information for his/her registration and access to the products and services of the website a) are written correctly, are true, valid, complete and up-to-date and that he/she will keep them in this condition in the future as well as b) to explicitly declare his/her consent to the collection and processing of data under the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy listed herein, which Terms and Policy declares that he/she has studied, become aware of, understood and accepted fully, explicitly and unreservedly.

In any case, the registration of users/visitors of, while it is absolutely desirable and recommended for the better browsing of the user in the environment of the online store, is not necessary for carrying out an order of the product he/she wishes. The ordering process can be performed without the user's registration, since he/she provides the website with all the necessary information for the shipment of the products and the issuance of the relevant receipt of purchase.

We have made sure that the user/member registration process is quick and simple so that the user/member can save their details and their service is as good as possible.

The registration process of each user/visitor as a Member and the retention and participation through a personal account on the website of “CENTO FASHION” has no cost, and is only the Member to whom it belongs, without the possibility of transfer or assignment to third parties.The website only retains personal information provided by the user himself/herself, without making any changes without his/her relevant authorization. The personal data mentioned are collected and retained solely for the purpose of (a) the creation of the member's user account through which the possibility of facilitating the completion of orders, monitoring the progress of an order, the history of orders registered with the company, etc. is provided and (b) informing users about offers concerning our products and services as well as sending informative promotional and advertising material related to our actions as well as partnerships with third parties (newsletter). Finally, c) the data required when registering a new member is necessary for the optimal operation of the business and the successful transaction with the members, i.e. for communication, registration, completion, dispatch, delivery, payment and in general for any secure financial activity. has a specific new member registration platform in order to carry out the registration process in the shortest and most reliable way. For the registration of a new member it is necessary to enter the following personal data which will be available for processing by the company.

NATURAL PERSONS: The personal data considered necessary for the registration of a natural person as a member of is the name and surname of the person, his/her home address, the postal code of the address mentioned, a contact phone number and an e-mail address (email) for better information and communication with him/her.

LEGAL PERSONS: For the creation of a member account of a legal person in the online store of “CENTO FASHION”, it is necessary to enter their full name, the legal seat address, the postal code of the address mentioned, telephone number and email address (email), the TAX ID, the TAX Office and the name of the Contact Manager.

Upon completion of the entry of the required personal data of the visitor/user, the registration process is completed and the new Member’s account is created at


The use of the company’s website as well as the provision of other services such as registration and completion of purchases from our online store is not affected by the subscription to the Newsletter. The subscription of the visitor/user to the Company's Newsletter is done at the initiative of the user and is input by simply entering the user's email address (email) in the specially designed field that appears on the page. By entering the email and completing the registration on the website, the visitor/user/member is given explicit consent to receive at his/her e-mail address the informative, promotional, advertising or other material related to the products, services, changes to the Regulation and Terms, as well as any other necessary information he/she must receive from the company. Every effort is made with ISP's (Internet Service providers) to deliver them to the e-mail addresses of users/members registered in the Newsletter, but there is a case when sending an e-mail, this may end up in the  junk mail. When you receive a message from our email address, please enter and save the address of our message on your secure contact list.


In any case, the use of services and the completion of order entry in it by minors (people under the age of 18) are prohibited. Access is only allowed after the necessary prior parental consent. The company bears no responsibility if underage users on their own initiative browse the company's website, enter false data during the membership application and in any other case, such as registering and completing a product/service order. Once the entry or the false entry of personal data of a minor is detected on the company's website, our data controller will immediately delete entered data from the records kept by the company.



Aiming at the optimal experience of the user/visitor of, we chose the creation of a simple system of order entry and completion. The interested party can browse through the products/services that are available, add the goods he/she wishes to the "Shopping Cart" and then proceed to the purchase process.

The first stage of order entry requires the confirmation of the order details, shipping address and issue of the document/invoice and the explicit consent and acceptance of the terms of the sales contract. The terms and conditions of purchase of the products referred to herein are part of the order completion process which cannot be carried out without agreement to them. Then the calculation of the final cost of the shipment follows and finally, the payment stage of the products by choosing one of the provided payment methods.

The entire process of ordering products desired by users/visitors/members from the company and its online store, as well as the completion of this process constitute a proposal for the conclusion of a distance contract, during which the relevant legislative framework of the Law on Consumer Protection is applicable (Article 4 of Law 2251/1994 (Government Gazette 191 A΄/ 16 November 1994) as amended and in force]. Upon completion of the registration of an order, the user/visitor/member who registered the order of products will receive a personalized message entitled “Order Confirmation” which will indicate the information about:

  • The products ordered
  • The registered quantity
  • The price including VAT.
  • The subtotal value of the products
  • The selected shipping method
  • The selected payment method
  • The overall  total of value, after the addition of the above subtotals

Then, and after a relevant check carried out by the Company's Sales Department, an informative email entitled "Confirmation of Delivery" will be sent to the user/visitor/member who registered the order of the products, confirming the acceptance and completion of the order entry and its dispatch to the customer. Please note that the sales contract between the customer and the company will include only the products mentioned in the email “Order Confirmation” in which there is a possibility that not all the listed products of the original order will be included (due to possible unavailability etc.).

Moreover, in case of inability to complete an online order, the user/visitor/member/customer is given the opportunity to complete an order and by phone where he/she will need to contact the company's Customer Service Department at 211 0123533, as well as by email at [email protected].



Customers of the company are kindly requested to read carefully the Terms of this operation as well as any specific details concerning their purchases each time they visit the website, as these are indicated on the order documents and the receipts they get with each purchase. The specific terms which may be sent and which accompany the relevant purchase shall form an additional part of this contract.

In any case, the company, within a short period of time after the completion of the registration of an order, reserves the right to reserve or refuse to execute the completion of an order, provided that it notifies the reasons for this action to the customer.

In “CENTO FASHION”, customer service is an absolute priority and for this reason we recommend that the visitor/customer contact us directly, and inform us in case of any problem, difficulty, complaint or any other issue through the Customer Service Department from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, at 211 0199092, 211 0123533, or by sending an email to [email protected].


The characteristics of the products, as listed and displayed on the pages of, are as accurate as possible. However, if the information and photos presented do not correspond to reality, are inaccurate, incomplete or not updated, the company bears no responsibility, when it happens either unintentionally, or due to force majeure and uninterrupted operation of the online store.


The company operates by pricing products in Euros (€), indicating the value of products including Value Added Tax (VAT). The company and the online store reserves the right to make changes in the price of products at any time but reserves the obligation to apply the prices stated indicated at the time of order entry. Users/visitors/members/customers are kindly requested to contact us through the electronic messaging platform available on our website or at [email protected] when they notice an unusually low price on a product and to notify us before completing their order, as the possibility of a technical or typographical error is always present. The final payment amount is also based on the additional shipping costs as calculated and added to the final stage of payment of the products.


The resolution of the colors of our merchandise may not correspond exactly to reality, due to digitization, analysis, shooting and lighting that the photos are amenable to, as well as due to the variations they may suffer due to the characteristics of the technological systems and the projection screen used by each user. In this case, the user/visitor/customer has the opportunity to see the products that interest him/her before making their purchase, after visiting one of the company's stores.


The products availability is viewed through the product selection process of the company's online store. Every effort is made to fully and continuously update the system regarding the products that appear in the online store In the event of an error or a system failure, it is realized that a product is not available or has already been removed from our system without the relevant electronic renewal and an order has already been registered concerning it, then we will contact the user/customer, informing him/her of the new deadline by which we will be able to send the order or the inability to execute it due to the unavailability of the products due to the exhaustion of stock.

In the case where you have been sent an email "Order Confirmation" but after a check it is found that the final shipment is not executed, the company bears no responsibility. In this case, you will be sent a new email informing you of the rejection of all or part of your order.


With regard to wholesale sales, all the Conditions provided for retail sales, as detailed in this Regulation, shall apply. For the registration of wholesale orders, prior contact with the Company's Customer Service Department is necessary. For wholesale orders shipped to Cyprus, the shipping cost will be calculated on a case-by-case basis, while for orders with a total value of more than 1. 000 €, the shipping is FREE of charge.


For the best service of the user/ visitor/customer there are the following payment methods available:

Payment via Credit, Debit and Prepaid Card

Payment by Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards of all banks is accepted. All transactions made using credit cards are carried out in a secure, encrypted environment of VivaWallet in order to safeguard the security of transactions.

Payment via PayPal

The secure Paypal platform can be used to pay for the user/customer’s order andpayment can be made either with his/her credit card or with his/her PayPal account. When the ordering process is completed, the user selects from the list of options the payment via PayPal and is directed to the on-line secure PayPal transaction system. The use and payment process through the PayPal platform is fully understood and automated and is usually completed very quickly. For any questions regarding payment via PayPal, please contact us at [email protected].

Bitcoin payment (crypto payments)

Our company is the first Greek brand that accepts payment in bitcoins as the way to pay for the order. Through the transaction is carried out in a fully encrypted environment in order to safeguard the security of the customer's transactions and crypto wallet.

Payment via IRIS Transfer

The IRIS transfer process is a service offered by Greek banks, allowing for quick and easy transfer of money between bank accounts within Greece. Here are the basic steps to use this service:

  1. Log in to your bank account: Use your bank’s online banking service or the corresponding mobile app.
  2. Select the IRIS service: In the transfer menu, select the option for IRIS transfer. It usually appears as "IRIS Payments" or "IRIS Online Payments."
  3. Enter recipient details: Enter the recipient’s details, such as name, account number (IBAN), and recipient’s bank.
  4. Enter amount and reason: Enter the amount you want to transfer and, if needed, a reason for the transfer.
  5. Confirm and complete the transfer: Review the transfer details and confirm. Depending on the bank, you may need to use a confirmation code (OTP) sent to you via SMS or through the mobile app.

The IRIS transfer is usually immediate, with the funds being transferred to the recipient’s account within minutes.

Payment by Cash or Card to our Company stores

Possibility of payment by cash or card at the stores of the company “CENTO FASHION”, i.e.

  • In Haidari, Attica, on Kerasountos Street, no. 15, P.C.12461, tel. 211 0199092, 2110123533 (Headquarters & showroom)
  • In Aigaleo, Attica, on Iera Odos, no. 251, P.C. 12241, tel. 210 5310382,
  • In Nafplio, Argolida, on Argos Street, no. 34, P.C. 21100, tel. 27520 21231

The choice of the store and the receipt of the products are made by the customer and the payment by cash or card is made at the cashier of the company's store, at the time of receiving the products.

CENTO FASHION does not maintain or store any personal information in the online store about banking transactions. All customer bank details that may be requested during the payment process are managed by the banking service provider in the secure environment of Viva Wallet, PayPal & banking institutions and are only kept by us for as long as it is necessary for the relationship or fulfillment of the commercial transaction. For any question, users may contact us at 211 0123533 or email at [email protected].


“CENTO FASHION” provides the customer with a) the opportunity to receive himself/herself the products ordered from the addresses of the Company's stores, and b) the possibility of sending the registered order to him/her using a partner courier company in the area of his choice.


By choosing to receive the products from our Company's store, i.e. 

  •  In Haidari, Attica, on Kerasountos Street, no. 15, P.C. 12461, tel. 211 0199092, 2110123533 (Headquarters & showroom)
  •  In Aigaleo, Attica, on Iera Odos,, no. 251, P.C. 12241, tel. 210 5310382,
  •  In Nafplio,  Argolida, on Argos Street, no. 34, P.C. 21100, tel. 27520 21231

The choice of the store and the receipt of the products is made by the customer and the payment by cash or card is made at the cashier of the company's store, at the time of receiving the products, while the customer is not charged with shipping or cash on delivery costs, regardless of the order amount.

If the customer chooses to pick up the order from a Company's store, the customer will be informed of its progress by telephone or e-mail and must come to pick it up within 10 days, on the days and hours of operation of our stores, otherwise the order will be automatically cancelled.


Each order is routed for shipment from the Company's Central Store located in Haidari, Attica, on Kerasountos Street, no. 15, P.C. 12461. In case of inability to forward the order from our main store, then the orders will be sent from another store of the company. Each registered order will be available for shipment to the customer's place of choice after the relevant quality and availability check of the products.


Delivery time occurs for each order based on the selected shipping destination. Orders are shipped without any shipping costs (FREE of charge) and without parcel weight limitation.

Shipment within Attica

The shipping time of orders within Attica is set at 1-3 working days from the date you receive a relevant "Shipping Confirmation" email. Shipping within Greece is FREE.

Shipment outside Attica and to Remote Areas

The shipping time of orders outside Attica and to Remote Areas is set at 1-3 working days from the date you receive the relevant “Shipping Confirmation” email. Shipment within Greece is FREE. Depending on the circumstances, the estimated delivery time to remote areas may vary and there can be a relative delay in the receipt of the order by the customer.

The delivery of shipments carried out by the courier company Courier Center shall be from 09:00 in the morning until 17:00 in the afternoon, at the address indicated by the customer in the order entry form. For the best customer service, customers are requested to inform us thoroughly about the specific details of the place of delivery (name, address, contact details, name on the bell, etc.) where necessary.

Then, the customer will be informed by phone or e-mail, for the exact time of delivery of his/her order.

Shipment to Cyprus

For registration of a product order (Retail) with a shipping address in the region of Cyprus, there is a minimum order cost limitation, which is set at 30, 00 €. The shipping cost of the order is zero (FREE) regardless of the total weight of the shipping package. The delivery time of orders outside Attica and to Remote Areas is set at the time of 4-6 working days from the date you receive the relevant “Shipping Confirmation” email. Delivery of the products will be made to the customer's address of choice. For better customer service, customers are requested to inform us thoroughly about the specific details of the place of delivery (name, address, contact details, name on the bell, etc.) where necessary.

Regarding the shipment of wholesale orders in Cyprus, this is carried out after a relevant contact with the Company’s Customer Service Department. In order to send wholesale orders to Cyprus, the cost of transportation will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Then, the customer will be informed by phone or e-mail, for the exact time of delivery of his/her order.

DELIVERY FAILURE (within expected period of time)

At CENTO FASHION we make every effort for our customers to receive the products they ordered quickly within the above mentioned deadlines. In case of lack of availability of the product and / or replacement with another, and/ or for any other reason, always after immediate notification of the customer, the shipping days may be increased, from two (2) to ten (10) business days. In this case, the customer is given the opportunity to cancel his/her order and choose either the refund of his money or the issue of a special coupon equal to the order value he/she paid when placing the order (see “RETURN OF MONEY THROUGH THE PROVISION OF A SPECIAL PURCHASE COUPON”). Note that if within three (3) working days there is no payment information from the customer, the order will automatically be canceled and an informative cancelation e-mail will be sent.

DELIVERY FAILURE (not receiving a product)

In the case where the shipment of an order is carried out and executed at an address indicated by the customer but it is not possible to complete it (i.e. to be received by the customer), then within a short period of time the delivery by the courier company takes place again. If, again, it is not possible for the customer to receive the product, then the courier company will inform him/her with a note about the location of the parcel and will notify him/her to proceed to a relevant communication for the determination of the redirection of the package and the delivery date. In the event that 15 days have elapsed since the shipment of the products by the company, without the customer receiving them, and this does not arise due to our fault, then it is automatically considered that the order is cancelled and the sales contract is terminated at the will of the customer. Having said that, as soon as possible and in any case, within 30 days from the date on which we consider that the Contract has expired, there will be communication with the customer who registered it in order to determine the desired method of refund (see Refund). If the products have been scheduled for shipment but were not eventually received by the customer due to his/her own fault, then the company will charge the customer with any delivery costs and other expenses incurred due to the termination of the Contract. Therefore, the amount that will be eventually returned through this process to the customer will correspond to the amount paid, after deducting the corresponding expenses incurred by us for shipping the products.


The customer reserves the right to inform the company in case he/she accidentally receives an incorrect, different or defective product. Any member/customer of who will find that he/she has not received the item he/she ordered, but some other by mistake or a defective one, has the right- obligation to inform the competent department of our company within one (1) business day at 211 0123533 or on the email [email protected]. Subsequently, the company retains the obligation, in case of timely information from the customer, to request the return of the misshipped or defective product and to arrange for the replacement and reshipment of the parcel, without charge to the customer. The customer also holds the right to cancel the sale, in case that the replacement and shipment of the product is not carried out within thirty (30) working days from the date the company received the product.


Upon completion of delivery of the products in the hands of the customer, or another person who receives them instead (after relevant communication), the ownership and responsibility for the integrity and condition of the products belongs to the customer.



In order to return products to the company or change them, the following conditions should be met.

(a) Any unjustified return or change of products should be routed within 10 working days (14 calendar days) from the date of receipt of each order by the customer or by a person indicated by him/her (art. 3e of Law 2251/1994).

(b) the condition and packaging of the parcel and its contents must be accompanied by all relevant forms (labels, plastics, etc.) and be exactly as delivered, in excellent level.

c) the customer should take care of the safe return of the product to us as well as the situation in which we receive it, since responsibility for this lies to him/her.

The costs of returning products for reasons that our Company is not responsible for are borne exclusively by the customer.

The products should be sent exclusively through the company Courier Center, to the Company's main store in Haidari, Attica, on Kerasountas Street, no. 15, P.C. 12461, with the footnote that the refund is made "for the attention of Cento e-shop".


In the case where the customer wishes to change a product and replace it or choose another, this is possible by following the procedure below.

(a) completion of an accompanying product return form, indicating the product code and the reason for the return

(b) indication of the product code that the customer wishes to be sent to him/her as a replacement.

(c) contact with the company Courier Center for the shipment of the product to the central store of CENTO FASHION.

(d) checking of the product and reshipment of the new package with a shipping cost of 5.00 €. In case the procedure is carried out in a company's store within 15 days, there is no relevant change fee.


The customer of the company may request the change/replacement of the product he had originally chosen, by selecting another product from the ones shown on this website, provided that all the conditions related to the possibility of withdrawal-change-replacement are met, as detailed below.

In case of a defective product, the customer should return the product to be changed/ replaced to the company in order for it to carry out  any relevant quality and status check of the product. Then the company will contact the customer to inform him/her about the progress of the process. In the event that the returned product is in excellent condition, respecting all the conditions for returning products to the company, then the process of changing/replacing and sending the new product to the customer is initiated.

If the product selected for change/replacement that the customer wishes to return is of a value higher than the one already purchased, then the customer must cover the relevant cash difference. There are two ways of covering the difference in money. The first way is by depositing the cash difference in an account indicated by the company. Therefore, the selected product will be sent to the customer, immediately after the relevant notification of the Customer Service Department, as it relates to the progress of the procedure and the deposit of the cash difference by the customer into the Company's account. The second way (for shipments within Greece) is the option of reshipping the product with the cash on delivery procedure after informing the Customer Service Department. If this procedure is chosen, the amount of the financial difference will be attributed to the courier company at the time of delivery and receipt of the order by the customer or by a person indicated by him/her.

The shipping and ordering details of the product will be kept and used as those already entered by the customer during the first order. For any modification of the shipping, order and so on, the customer should inform the Customer Service Department.

If the product selected for change/replacement that the customer wishes to return is of a value lower than the one already purchased, then the Company must pay to the customer the relevant monetary difference of the final value of the product. After the return of the product from the customer to the company andthe determination of the cost difference from the new product, the Customer Service Department will contact the customer for the new choice so that the change request is immediately forwarded and the final shipment of the product to the customer is initiated. After the shipment of the product, the order is given to offset the difference in the final value of the product. The refund of the cash difference will be made through a reversal of the amount from the secure environment of VivaWallet, as this procedure is mentioned above in the field “Refund”. The period of time necessary for the payment of the difference value by the company to the customer's bank account, is subject to the method of processing the order by VivaWallet and depends on the procedure it follows and the time frames it sets in each case. As shipping and ordering details of the product, as well as bank account details of the customer to whom the money will be reversed, the ones that the customer has already registered at the time of the first order will be retained and used. For any modification of the shipping, financial transaction details and so on, the customer should inform the Customer Service Department accordingly.

The process of returning and resending the product to the Company in case of change-replacement due to the customer's wish through the Courier Center company, amounts to five Euros (5.00 €).


Withdrawal from the purchase or product may not be allowed where the conditions of the present are not fulfilled. In particular, withdrawal-change-replacement and return of items shall not be permitted

(a) which have been used and opened-used by the customer while they do not carry any defect;

(b) whose construction was carried out in accordance with the specific and particular requirements and preferences of the customer,

(c) on whose return they are missing parts which constituted them;

(d) the packaging and in general form of which has been partially or totally destroyed.

In the event that the shipment of the products by the member/customer is completed and some of the terms of return mentioned herein have not been met, our company reserves the right not to accept the return of the products and these products will be returned to the customer at his/her own charge (5.00 €). Once the item is delivered to the customer's possession, the Company bears no responsibility for its alteration, malfunction or destruction.



The user/member/customer reserves the right to withdraw from the sales contract, without cause. More specifically, if the retail customer wishes to return or change a product (withdrawal), it should be requested in writing via a withdrawal form and will be routed within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order by the customer or by a person indicated by him/her (art. 3e of Law 2251/1994). In the case of orders of large size-multiple products, the starting date of the deadline starts from the date of delivery of the last product included in the same order, while in the case of orders involving permanence, for which it has been instructed to be carried out at regular intervals, then the above mentioned period starts from the date of delivery of the first parcel. The return of products to the company will be done in accordance with the Return Procedure. The product must, necessarily, carry all the accessories and parts that accompanied it when received by the customer and must be carefully packed, so as not to cause damages during the return, either to the product or the packaging. In addition, each return package should be accompanied by the retail sales document or the relevant invoice.

The cost of returning the product to the Company in case of withdrawal (5.00 €), is exclusively covered by the customer and through the courier company that will be indicated by the Company.


Any defective products that will be delivered to the Company's customers will be returned to the Company after relevant communication, in accordance with No.354 et seq., the provisions of Law No 207/2009, as well as any other relevant provisions of Greek and European legislation. It is therefore recommended by our Company that all our customers, when receiving their products either from the company's pick-up point, or after sending them to the customer, or a third person duly authorized by him/her, carefully check the integrity of the packaging as well as its internal merchandise, as well as if they find any relevant damage or any obvious defects, inform us as soon as possible and in any case within one (1) day.

More specifically, the Company is responsible for any actual defect or lack of a agreed property describing the object, which the served item bear, if it is found at the time of delivery, and in any case within one (1) day. The customer should immediately contact the Company's Customer Service Center either by phone at 211 0123533 or by email at [email protected]. The Company is obliged to respond within five (5) working days from the time of the communication and inform the customer about the procedure to be followed. The process involves returning the object in the way and means of choice of the customer who wishes to return the product. The products returned for inspection at the stores indicated by the Company, must be in the condition they arrived at the customer, and must include any other object - regional element that is part of the whole object, as well as any accompanying form of the item.

Upon receipt of the returned defective product by a representative of our Companya thorough inspection is underway to verify the defect and the exact cause. The Company is obliged to communicate about the return and the results of the inspection of the object with the customer, by phone or e-mail, in order to inform him/her of the control procedure to be followed, the possible replacement of the object (if it is considered that the alteration or damage is responsibility of the company) within eight (8) working days from the moment that the product returned to us. Any technical control of the quality and operation of the object will be routed by the Company at no cost to the customer. In the event that it is judged that the Company is responsible for the error and the product is defective due to our own fault, the replacement of the product and its reshipment to the customer will be fully covered by the Company. Furthermore, in case there is a lack of stock of the item to be replaced, a special order will be made for them by the Company to the manufacturing house and the respective partners of our Company. The fastest customer service and the repair or total replacement of products is an absolute priority. Any delays in the shipment of products provided by third-party partners of the company or due to force majeure, are not borne in any case by the Company, which will not bear any further financial or other obligations towards the customer.

In the unfavorable case where there is a delay in the final communication regarding the return of the item to the customer, more than thirty (30) days from the day of receipt and final check of the parcel by the Company, which does not arise due to force majeure, then the customer reserves the right to unilaterally terminate and cancel the sales contract and may request to the Customer Service Department of the Company, a full refund of the value of the purchased item, without the right to claim the value of any transport costs paid for it. The object will remain in the Company's possession, or will be returned to it (if its return was already underway before the submission of a refund request) and the customer will receive within three (3) working days the total value of the object purchased, in the manner agreed with the Company.


If the customer wishes to cancel a registered order, which in any case has not yet been sent to him/her by our company, he/she should contact the Customer Service Department from 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday, at 211 0199092, 211 0123533, or by sending an email to [email protected].

In case the order has been sent to the customer, it can be returned by the same courier. In this case the shipping and return costs will be covered by the customer (5. 00 €).


If the customer wishes to refund the total value of the products purchased, the customer of our company is given the option to choose either the refund to the bank account he has indicated or will indicate to our company, or the issuance and granting of a special purchase coupon which will have equal value to the value already paid by the customer for the purchase of the product. In case of withdrawal due to the customer's wish, after sending the products to him/her, the amount of 5.00 € will be deducted from the return value to cover the cost of transportation. The return of the products is done after prior consultation, approval and control of the condition in which they were finally received by our representative. For the refund or issue and granting of a special coupon, it is necessary the return of the purchased product to be approved by our company, after a phone contact of the customer with the Sales Department. Upon receipt of the product by a representative of our Company, a check will be made of the return status for possible damages of the product that are not our fault, and then a relevant order will be provided for payment of the amount of money of the value of the product to the customer or the issuance of the coupon, in accordance with the Terms of Withdrawal of this document.


When returning the products the customer has the option to choose the refund of the money paid upon purchase. The refund will be made with the same payment method that the customer chose during the initial purchase, within five (5) working days from the date we receive and check the products. In the event that the initial purchase was made with a cash on delivery order, the refund will be made through a bank deposit into an account indicated by the person concerned. Please note that only the amount of money that covers the value of the goods will be refunded, and not the value that covers the transport costs (€ 5.00), cash on delivery or bank charges paid by the customer.

If the transaction is canceled before the order is shipped to the customer, the refund will be made interbank to an account indicated by the customer or to the account selected by the customer during the initial purchase, within four (4) working days from the date of the written notice of cancelation.

Furthermore, if during the purchase the customer used the possibility of payment through the use of a credit card, then CENTO FASHION must inform the bank responsible for issuing the payment about the cancellation of the transaction within four (4) (due to cancellation prior to shipment) and five (5) (due to withdrawal) working days, respectively, from the date of receipt and inspection of the products. The refund will be made through the execution of a reversal of the amount from the Bank's safe environment, based on the cooperation and the special contract that it has signed and concluded with the customer. Once the above actions have been completed by the company, CENTO FASHION no longer bears responsibility regarding the time or manner of execution of the refund process.


When returning products to the company, and provided that all the conditions for a permitted return are met, the customer can choose to be granted a special purchase coupon (discount code). This coupon will be equal to the purchase value of the product returned by the customer and will be valid for 90 days. The coupon is issued exclusively and personally on behalf of the customer who made the return of the products within five (5) working days from the date we receive and check the products. Please note that only the amount of money that covers the value of the goods will be calculated as the value of the special purchase coupon, and not the value that covers possible transport costs, cash on delivery or bank charges paid by the customer. The possibility of issuing the special purchase coupon also applies in case of cancellation of the transaction before the order is sent to the customer.

The special purchase coupon is personal, that is, it corresponds to purchases made by the customer himself/herself either through his/her account on this website or by displaying it to one of our physical stores. The coupon is issued after communication and consultation between the customer and the company and is sent as a discount code to the customer via email to the email address provided by the customer. The special coupon is used as a discount amount in the customer's next purchase, whether it is made through this website or during the physical purchase in a store. In case the customer's next purchase does not cover the amount corresponding to the discount code-coupon, then the same coupon can be used in a subsequent purchase, until the final utilization of the total initial purchase amount.

In addition, this voucher can be used by any third party who owns it as a “gift voucher” (discount code-gift card). For this reason, the voucher is issued personally on behalf of the customer and is delivered exclusively to him/her via email. The company bears no responsibility if the special purchase coupon is used by a third party, as in no case will it be able to know whether the final purchase, online or in person, is made by the owner of the voucher or someone indicated by him/her.


“CENTO FASHION” is committed to providing users/visitors of its website with information that is true, accurate and complete, is in direct association with the identity, function and services of the website, and is displayed on its website. The company is not responsible for temporary unavailability, malfunction or technical issues that may arise during sharing. In additionregarding the incorrect electronic data entries, the company reserves the right to correct them.

"CENTO FASHION" is responsible for the continuous quality control of the information and services presented and provided through its website. In any case, the company does not have the sole responsibility to protect users/visitors of the website from any kind of errors and viruses due to third party interventions. Furthermore, it is not liable civilly or criminally for any positive, special or consequential damage, which, indicatively and not restrictively, disjunctively and/or cumulatively, consists of loss of profits, data, lost profits, financial compensation, etc., resulting either from the use/copying/downloading, navigation in this website or the use of the services or information contained therein, either from general alteration of the content of its website or from other unauthorized interference by third parties with files and information available through the website. In addition, users/visitors of CENTO FASHION website should take all appropriate security measures against any risks presented during internet sharing when browsing the website (e.g. protect their browsing with an antivirus program).

The use made by visitors of “CENTO FASHION” should follow and respect the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law, as well as any legislation related to the use of websites/applications. More specifically, they must refrain from any illegal and abusive activity when using the company's website and/or in relation to it.


The information displayed on the website “CENTO FASHION”, i.e. the content of this website (pictures, photographs, texts, services, programs, information, data, etc.) as well as the services provided to users constitute intellectual property and belong to the sphere of rights of use of “CENTO FASHION” and are protected by the rules of Greek, European and international law on intellectual and industrial property and unfair competition and any other relevant provisions, while they belong exclusively to the company or their respective intellectual creator.

In any case, any copying, reproduction by any means, transfer, processing, resale, production of new works based on the content of this website as well as misleading the public about the actual provider of the above data and services is prohibited. The design of special names, images, logos, distinguishing marks and the use of any other kind that is a product of the elements and services produced and used to serve and promote the operation of the “CENTO FASHION” are its assets. The provision and display of the data and services to third parties does not and should not be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right of universal use, since they are protected by the provisions on trademarks. The above activities (individually or collectively) may be allowed only with the written consent (permission) of the company.


When using this website and the services of “CENTO FASHION”, users/visitors/customers must, agree and undertake to perform any activity related to the website and services of the company, in accordance with the rules provided by law, good faith and the principles of commercial morality. The illegal use of the content and services of, which aims to send, publish, promote or transmit via e-mail in any other way, content that is illegal and offensive, carries harmful consequences for recipients, constitutes a threat, annoyance, slander or “defamation” against CENTO FASHION” and against any third party (company, organization or person), incorporates racist content and in any way may violate the rules of privacy of any person’s information.Subsequently, any activity/use that may harm minors in any way is generally prohibited. Furthermore, it is expressly prohibited to send, publish, promote or transmit by e-mail in any other way, circumventing content subject to the provisions of the law relating to patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties of any kind. Otherwise and in the strict alternative, the transmission, with or without will, and transfer of data that violate the rules imposed by the applicable Greek, European and international legislation and its provisions or may harass third parties in any way and finally any content used for the collection or storage of users' personal data as well as any other right that belongs to the exclusive authority of any third party is prohibited.


This regulation of terms and conditions of use of website gives the visitor/user a limited right of access to the use and presentation of the company's content and services. This right allows the user to use it freely for personal purposes to the extent that this Regulation and the applicable national, European or international law are not affected. In this case, the limited right of access (license), use and presentation of the content of “CENTO FASHION” constitutes a non-transferable, personal and non-exclusive limited right, which in no way can be considered as a transfer of the elements and titles of the website and/or company. “CENTO FASHION” reserves all the rights arising under the laws of intellectual and industrial property which are not granted to the user/visitor, unless there is a contrary agreement between the user/visitor and the company. All data and information obtained/presented by this website features of the software separately, (b) publish, copy, rent, lease or borrow the software, (c) transfer the software (unless permitted by this agreement), (d) disregard any technical limitations or restrictions to do so, and (f) make any other modification of the website's data and information. In any case, the users are required to keep any data or copies provided/presented by the company in the form in which it is provided and to respect any data relating to the intellectual and property rights of the company. Finally, it is expressly prohibited to perform any act that aims to exploit the Company's data, content and services for any public or commercial purpose that is contrary to the use agreed with the Company.