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Payment methods

For the best service of the user/ visitor/customer there are the following payment methods available:

Payment via Credit, Debit and Prepaid Card

Payment by Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards of all banks is accepted. All transactions made using credit cards are carried out in a secure, encrypted environment of VivaWallet in order to safeguard the security of transactions.


Payment via PayPal

The secure Paypal platform can be used to pay for the user/customer’s order and payment can be made either with his/her credit card or with his/her PayPal account. When the ordering process is completed, the user selects from the list of options the payment via PayPal and is directed to the on-line secure PayPal transaction system. The use and payment process through the PayPal platform is fully understood and automated and is usually completed very quickly. For any questions regarding payment via PayPal, please contact us at [email protected].

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Payment by Cash on Delivery (Orders within Greece)

Payment by cash on delivery is possible. The products will be shipped using the Speedex Courier service and the payment will be made in cash at the time of receiving the products. The cash on delivery payment option is charged with an additional 4, 00 € to the total value of the order.

In any case, after the registration of an order, the “CENTO FASHION” reserves the right in special exceptional cases (e.g. shipping to a remote area, extremely adverse conditions, etc.) and after direct contact with the customer by phone or email not to accept the payment by cash on delivery but to request payment by bank card regardless of the amount.

Payment by Cash or Card to our Company stores

Possibility of payment by cash or card at the stores of the company “CENTO FASHION”, i.e.

  • In Haidari, Attica, on Kerasountos Street, no. 15, P.C.12461, tel. 211 0199092, 2110123533 (Headquarters & showroom)
  • In Aigaleo, Attica, on Iera Odos, no. 251, P.C. 12241, tel. 210 5310382,
  • In Nafplio, Argolida, on Argos Street, no. 34, P.C. 21100, tel. 27520 21231

The choice of the store and the receipt of the products are made by the customer and the payment by cash or card is made at the cashier of the company's store, at the time of receiving the products.

CENTO FASHION does not maintain or store any personal information in the online store about banking transactions. All customer bank details that may be requested during the payment process are managed by the banking service provider in the secure environment of Viva Wallet, PayPal banking institutions and are only kept by us for as long as it is necessary for the relationship or fulfillment of the commercial transaction. For any question, users may contact us at 211 0123533 or email at [email protected].