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Join the authorized resellers’ team & bring the brand to your area!!

Our company applies a business model with a retail-centric approach that optimizes the cash flow and profitability of our customers.

Why us?

Fashion for all philosophy. Our company designs and markets pieces for all women regardless of age and body type. In our collections you will find all the items in order to satisfy the customers of your store!

Famous influencers and presenters choose to wear and advertise CENTO brand. Through these promotional actions, the attendance of prospective customers in the cooperating stores increases.

Upon completion of your order you receive digital hardware for use in your online store & your business’s social media*

Quality guarantee! Through our quality control system we guarantee each piece you receive in your store! In case of a defective product the company directly replaces it or we credit the value of the goods to your account.

The pricing policy we follow is highly competitive, making fashion items attractive to the end consumer and CENTO collections blown away by the public!

Increase your business profitability through weekly receipts and supply chain optimization.

Increase your business profitability through your resale rate (mark up).

*subject to special terms of use

Steps to become our partner!

  • You create a B2B account by filling in the full details of your business, you immediately receive an activation notice and after contacting the sales department of our company, you can make purchases for your store with the registered discount.
  • You register your order online through the B2B platform and you pay in one of the following ways.
    1. Credit or Debit Card (viva payments)
    2. Bank deposit via e-banking
    3. Payment via PayPal
    4. Payment in bitcoins (crypto payments)
  • Your order is delivered to a partner transport company or on hint of your own agency. Otherwise, you can contact us by phone for pickup by your own means from our headquarters.
  • All orders are executed within 1-2 working days from their payoff.
  • To schedule sampling of new collections, you can contact by phone at 2110199092 or [email protected]

* Minimum order amount 150€ (+VAT) per order

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