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The new campaign of our company ''A WOMAN'S RACE'' for the Spring 2023 collection is a fact. The new CENTO collection consists of strong monochromes, strict, sexy and dynamic cuts.

Our new campaign was created in a space that is stereotypically a men's brand, filled with sport and impressive cars. By choosing this particular space we want to highlight the position of women in today's society. A woman now is breaking down all stereotypes & she is taking over every space.

George & Nikos Petropoulos hosted us in one of the most modern PORSCHE Center in Europe with many vintage rare cars, where we had the opportunity to spend the day and photograph our new collection.

The result of our new campaign is impressive and could not have been made without the unique team of our company. From our model and protagonist of our campaign Panagiota, our talented photographer Eleni Pavlidi, our make up artist Eva, our stylist Dzahnna, our media manager Giota and of course the owners of the brand, Loukas & Christos Inzekostas.

Check out our new campaign and collection here.

#Follow the butterfly

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We created the "SHARE YOUR VOICE" campaign to celebrate World Women's Day and show our gratitude and respect for women.
Fashion for all. Recycled Unisex Hoodies
During a summer meeting we had an idea about the new collection. We wanted empower our effort for sustainable living and inclusiveness, to design “green” clothing for everyone, unisex as we named it.
CENTO sunset fest
On 08/09/2022 we organized an event to say goodbye to the summer in one of the best rooftop of the city!