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Fashion for all. Recycled Unisex Hoodies

Fashion for all. Recycled Unisex Hoodies

Fashion for all. Recycled Unisex Hoodies

During a summer meeting we had an idea about the new collection. We wanted empower our effort for sustainable living and inclusiveness, to design “green” clothing for everyone, unisex as we named it.

So we decided that the best material to work with is recycled cotton yarn and hoodies production became a fact. Oversized styles, designed and produced in Greece and printed with water colors avoiding using plastic or chemicals.

These are our principles:

  • Bright multiple colors from recycled cotton yarn, imperfect seeing it but soft touching it, just like the multinational and multicultural CENTO team
  • Oversized unisex fit sizing from small to extra large so we can include as many people will choose to wear our collection.
  • Printing the hoodies using water colors instead of chemicals or plastic colors intending to reduce production’s environmental impact.
  • Designed and produced in Greece, intending to employ as many people we can in Greece.


The day that the collection was delivered coincided with the photoshooting day! Everyone picked a color and wore it and we took some photos sharing today with you!

Enjoy CENTO babes!

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On 08/09/2022 we organized an event to say goodbye to the summer in one of the best rooftop of the city!